Entrepreneurship and Growth in Swaziland

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15/11/2018 After 20 years of successful asset management, social enterprise, financial advisory, investment and private equity activity across several African countries and creating wealth and value for ordinary people, companies and organisations across various rungs of economies; JM BUSHA Investment Group continues to fuel growth and innovation in business and social entrepreneurship.

Sharing his views at a recent interview, JM BUSHA CEO Mr Joseph Busha said that he believes that there should be a greater emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurship for the revival of economies such as Eswatini and the greater African continent.

Mr Busha spoke on the importance of ensuring growth and value in pursuit of sustainable development.

“Our philosophy is to invest our own resources in enterprises in which we as JM BUSHA act as an advisory role for growth.”

As a partner, JM BUSHA seeks to increase support to entrepreneurial growth in terms of finance and knowledge.