Long Term Investing

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14/06/2020 Long Term Investing. Smart Preparation. Steady Long Term Growth.

Long term investing requires making informed decisions and adopting a long term perspective on investing.

Compound Returns

The longer the investment period, the higher the potential future value and the savings last longer in retirement.

Investment Products

One can save through unit trusts, retirement annuity or retirement funds. Through JM BUSHA unit trust products, Life Invest Policy or the Africa Umbrella Fund - clients can invest.

Depending on individual financial position, disposable income and lifestyle, the future value of savings are dependent on the monthly or regular contribution amounts over period of times.

Smart preparation is working together with the right partner in order for you to achieve your long term financial goals.

Start saving from the moment you receive your first salary. The best time to start saving - is NOW! 

Invest in a better future by choosing to invest wisely. #STARTNOW