Our unit trust provides a diversified investment, for low monthly installments.


JM BUSHA Real Return l Low Risk Investment Fund

Life presents many challenges and opportunities. And central to all is money –  i.e. money required to manage one’s life. Two questions arise immediately. First, how can money be saved for, e.g., educationhousing and retirement expenses? Second, how much should be saved?

The JM BUSHA Real Return Fund, an absolute-return unit trust investment product presents a vehicle for saving money in order to meet your future financial needs. This is a long-term investment product suitable for any individual or group.

Reasons why you should invest with the JM BUSHA Real Return Fund:

The JM BUSHA Real Return Fund is an absolute return fund - this provides you with the highest possible return on your investment over a long term.

→ Diversification - Your money is spread across a variety of investments. Invest in money markets, shares/equities, bonds and other instruments at will. Risk is spread and this presents more opportunities for you the investor.

→ Transparency - No advisory fee. No initial fee. Login to your profile online to see how your investment is doing or simply download our regularly updated fact sheet

→ Flexible investing - There are 3 ways to invest: Direct lump sum deposits, Monthly automatic debit order or Lump sum deposits and monthly debit order. Invest from R1000 minimum monthly debit order.

→ Ease of access - No minimum investment period is required. Although not advisable, clients can withdraw their investments at any time – that’s investment banking for you.

Investment Strategy:

As a medium risk balanced fund that seeks real return with capital protection, the strategy is to invest in secure, high yield instruments in order to meet investment objectives on a risk-adjusted basis. The portfolio is managed on a core satellite approach.

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